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Near the Staten island mall 10314
Full Guarantee.
I work from home.
Microsoft Office 2010 FREE
with any Computer Repair.
Call John Computer Help

Only In Staten island. We repair all makes and models of desktop and laptop pc computers.
Hi Am Johnny 718 761 3877

*Screen / LCD Replacements
*Hard Drive Repairs
*DVD Drive Repairs
*Motherboard Repairs
*O.S Install
*Data Recovery and more….
*Malware spyware Removal
*Computer viruses
*Computer Tuneup
*Upgrades – Install more memory or a larger hard drive
*Blue Screens – Random crashes, windows doesn’t start
*Laptop Hinges are broken
*Hardware Troubleshooting – Computer doesn’t turn on, shuts off, or reboots.
*Software Troubleshooting – Analyze symptoms to fix application and driver crashes.
*Operating System Install Installing Windows 7 Windows 7X4 Windows 8

You can drop off your computer or we can pick it up. We are your one stop shop for computer repair services; let us Help your computer problem today.We repair all makes and models of desktop and laptop pc computers

718 761 3877

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