Math and Science Tutor

Get better grades for your child! Degree in Engineering (1994) and Physics (1988) is offering private home lessons in everything from basic science, to geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus and High School Physics. From 5th grade up until 12th grade.

Tutoring rate: $ 50 / per academic hour for tutoring in Hudson County NJ area, and slightly more for Staten Island or Brooklyn.

Schedule: Mostly on Weekends.

Science Fair Project: Cost of components and complexity of the project. Usually electronics projects: vacuum tube or transistor amplifier or radio, crystal radio, electric motor, etc. We can discuss. Have your son or daughter win the science fair!

Method: I’m patient. I break the subject into smallest components and then move on to more complex topics. I want actual understanding of the material, not just pure memorization. I have a deep love of these subjects and try to convey that love to my students.

Math and Science tutor (grade 6-12) Help your son or daughter achieve better grades in math, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and pre-calculus. Help them achieve better science grades in Chemistry or Physics. I have a degree in Physics (1988) and Engineering (1994) and I enjoy teaching and explaining things in a very step-by-step fashion. I come to you and work with your child one-on-one.

Please call Alex G at 201-539-5305