Here at Francis Driving School we teach you how to Drive. We have a great staff as well as state of the art Vehicles.
1) Flexible Schedule
2) Pick your own Days and Times
3) you can drive at 17 years old
4) Approved Blue cards course at Francis School only

Drivers Education Courses

For over 20 years, Francis School has been providing Driver Education to young adults on Staten Island. We have the newest cars, along with the most up to date information regarding how to get your driver’s license. Our pricing is straight forward, including the text book and materials you will need to successfully complete driver’s education. We can even schedule your road test for you and arrange for your car and driver to pick you up from your home on the day of your test.

We offer classes weekdays and weekends, one or two days per week. You can pick your schedule and who you want to be in the car with. The sooner you sign up, the more flexible your schedule can be. Don’t wait and get locked out of the most flexible classes on Staten Island.

We have the newest and safest fleet of Driver Education Vehicles to cater to different learning styles and different comfort levels.

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