If you’re trying to make a team (High school or College, or Pro) I can help prepare you, and if it’s a pro team your trying to tryout for, I can get you the tryout! My services include helping you get into peak condition, this includes helping you to improve whatever position you play, in most any sport!

Helping you learn to how to be at your very best all the time, by changing the way you approach your goals and your training to attain those goals! I can also help with management services, where I would represent you and your interest’s.

In this way I can be an agent/manager. If you have any serious questions, please call me and we can talk more. Consultations are free and welcome. I work with Men, woman, Teens, and children 8yrs and up.

Athletic coach, manager, agent, athlete, fitness instructor, nutritionist, available to help you reach your goals and achieve your dream!

347-729-6072 ( my phone does not get texts )